Amazon Product Research through Reviews!

So lots and lots of research and there’s no way around that. Like I could teach you how to hire a research assistant to do it for you, but you would not get a good product that way. You’ve got to understand it yourself. You’ve got to read it. You’ve got to read between the lines. You’ve got to read what’s not there. You’ve got to spot the gaps.

Reading reviews is a really good way to get more information. So you learn about what customers love and what products they want in Amazon. You learn about what they don’t love. They could all say this is a great product but it’s not big enough. This a great product, but I’d rather have an organic version. And this is a great product, but I didn’t like the plastic packaging.

You know, the words that you need for your idea are in other people’s reviews often. So I love it when the top seller has got, a four out of five reviews score or less and all the negative reviews when you read those are like a goldmine of new product ideas and if those sellers themselves haven’t done something about it, then their loss. You may visit their Facebook page for more info.

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