Bad News if you work in this industry

Bad News. In this video Im going to share with you some bad news. But also, how this could turn into some good news for you.Bad News if you work in this industry.

This big trend that’s going on at the moment, is really that it’s just, so tough for retail. If you’ve got a bricks and mortar store, or a job employed by someone with bricks and mortar, or in a mall And then, it’s just so much pressure, because there’s the likes of Amazon coming along, with all their retail online, which makes it so hard for those traditional business to compete.

So, while there’s neven been a worse time to be running a traditional business, on a bricks and mortar store. There’s never been a better time to be selling online. In fact, there’s more than 140,00 sellers on Amazon making more than $100,000 in sales, every single year.

So, there’s never been a better time to learn on how to do that. Those sorts of jobs are going to be around for a long time, those skills, when you can sell products online, are in really hot demand. So, what you can do, is learn how you can become a successful Amazon Seller, how you can pick up those skills, and really future-proof yourself, and make the most of this change that’s going on an really be prepared for a new career, a new way to earn money, through selling products online.

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