Bluesky Amazon review highlights the proficiency of Bluesky as an Amazon selling coach. Bluesky continuously reap positive responses from clients as well. And this expert coaching service suggests Amazon merchants to take advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon program, then optimizing it for great perks.

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Bluesky Amazon Review – Bluesky Coach Suggestions in Using Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA appears as a sweet deal for merchants on the e-commerce giant as well as for sellers on different platforms. It solves the massive worries about storage, logistics and shipping in behalf of merchants, allowing sellers to focus on marketing their products online. 


But FBA also has some pitfalls which causes headaches among merchants. Shipping wrong or faulty products are not uncommon. Sometimes, sellers need to face legal disputes because of skipping legal compliance too. Thing is, sellers can do some steps to avoid or mitigate such problems. That’s where these tips come in handy for you as an Amazon merchant:


Comply with Business Legalities in your Area

This is a valuable step many Amazon sellers often skip. Hence, it’s worth including in this list of tips. Not because you’re selling online means you’re not bound by jurisdiction of any legal bodies. If you’re selling in the USA, for example, you need to comply with business requirements to avoid lawsuits. You wouldn’t want to get in trouble with the IRS when tax season comes as well.


So, be sure to study the business legalities of your home state. Learn legalities of your target audience area when applicable as well. That’s one of the key values Bluesky teach, hence helping it earn Bluesky Amazon review.


If you’re located in South America, for example, you can choose to sell in the USA. But you need to comply with the legal business requirements of both countries.


Properly Prepare your Package

Next, be sure to properly prepare all your products. Note that workers in an FBA warehouse works hard through long hours for quality service. You can give them some favors by preparing packages properly, which minimize effort and time they have to spend when an order is up. And in doing so, it minimizes instances of wrong or faulty products shipped to buyers too. 


Take note of these points:


  • Put your items in a nicely sealed container. Properly provide protective features such as bubble wrap and polystyrene sheets when needed.
  • Place bold and clear features on your packages to make them standout. \This would make them easy to find in a storage facility.
  • Properly use barcodes and avoid blocking them. If you want to sell items individually, be sure their individual barcodes are showing. But if you want to sell in bulk, hide the barcodes of individual items in a package, and make the barcode of the bulk easy to find and scan.
  • If you plan to sell in bulk, indicate it on each bulk’s containing package. This is to avoid confusing the warehouse staff.


Observe Proper Timing

Don’t send in a huge bulk of your items for a next sales event while an occasion is still up. This is a tip included in this Bluesky Amazon review because many merchants fail to observe it.


For example, don’t send items dedicated for Christmas sales right before or during the Halloween season. This is because holidays are naturally busy, and warehouse staff focuses on the current event. In other words, there’s a chance your products would be taken less care of. 


Don’t Completely Set Aside 3rd Party Logistic Services

Yes, Amazon FBA is great, but it doesn’t cover all regions in the world yet. It also comes with certain rules and regarding on what items it can hold, and how it handle certain products. If you’re in a location not covered by FBA or if its rules don’t fit your business, you must think of finding a 3rd Party Logistic (3PL) service.


3PLs usually serve specific areas and there are available in most countries globally. Moreover, there are 3PLs which handle certain items which common logistic services don’t accept. You can even find some 3PLs that are cheaper than FBA in terms of rates. Think of cutting shipping cost because of a warehouse located within your country.


These valuable tips will help you get started with Amazon FBA and make the most out of it. It would lead to more profit to you, while satisfying your customers with the items they receive.


On a side note, connect with Bluesky Amazon coaching services for a reputable guide in becoming an Amazon merchant. This Bluesky Amazon review tells you it’s all worth for you to try today!

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