Choose Between What You Like and What Sells in Amazon!


It is good to sell things you’re interested in. Like I could sell car parts, but may heart would really not be in it. My listing would be very short and sharp, I could not get excited. And I wouldn’t not pay enough attention. I wouldn’t put the same level of level of energy into something I don’t care about. And on the opposite side, don’t do something that you really passionate about but doesn’t make commercial sense.

You want to be in that sweet spot interested in it and it makes money.But don’t do something you’re not just interested in. and don’t do something that only you and your mom think looks really nice. When someone says, I’ve got this idea and nobody’s ever sold on Amazon before, and I’m like, “oh dear.”

You want to use the fact that it’s ready selling on amazon, but you could do it better. Rather than nobody’s ever done this thing on amazon before. It’s usually not going to work if nobody’s ever done it on amazon before. You can also visit their Facebook page for more info.

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