Discovering What Sells On Amazon!

Discovering what sells in Amazon. The product assessment, you’re going to go around that loop and each time you go around, see it as an investment and you’re learning about how Amazon works. Because you’re going to find some little gems, you’re going to end up in some real hot spots where it’s like hotbed of fierce competition. And those are really good learning opportunities too.

If you go into something like matcha green tea, which is really competitive product to be at the top of that page, that person is doing everything exactly right. They are absolutely on that form. With a great images they’re going there ads right. They’ve got the right keywords, what there reviews say… That’s giving you a lot of Intel about what’s working on amazon. So when you launch your product on Amazon, don’t do something 180 degrees different from the best sellers are doing. Use that as a bit of a style guide and inspiration for what’s working. You may visit their Facebook page for more info and reviews.

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