Finds Comfort Earning While At Home!

I have since launched a third brand that just came online this year and I will have my fourth brand out by the end of this yearHi. My name is Alyssa Severeid and I live in a little town called Ennis, Montana where we are currently surrounded by snow and really cold weather, so I am excited that I can be home in my warm house, working on my Amazon business rather than having to venture out in the cold.

I started my Amazon business in 2016 when I learned I was pregnant with my daughter, and I knew I wasn’t going to be returning to my office job after I had her, so I needed to find a way to make money from home. I listened to some different Amazon experts at the time and decided on my first product, which I ended up sourcing from Canada rather than from China because I just felt like I wanted to be a little bit different than other sellers. I wanted to have something that was a little bit more difficult to replicate and a little higher quality craftsmanship.

After that, I wanted to continue growing my business, but I just was stuck. I didn’t know how to choose my next product. That’s when I came across Sophie. Learning from her really opened that up for me. I know so many sellers have a difficult time choosing products and she really gave me a lot of different ideas for where to look. In some cases, and even with my second brand, which I started under her guidance, I found that product in my own backyard and I ended up selling it, that brand, I ended up selling it just last week.

I have since launched a third brand that just came online this year and I will have my fourth brand out by the end of this year. I went from the problem with not being able to choose products, to having so many products to choose from that I have to wait and space out the launches because I can’t do it all at once.

My revenue actually doubled from year one to year two. It increased by 60% from year two to year three, so I know that the sky is the limit with my business.

I’m so excited for what’s next to come and I just really owe a lot of my success to Sophie’s approach to selling on Amazon. I’m so appreciative that I found her and she’s had such wonderful information to share. I really, really recommend Sophie to anybody out there looking to start an Amazon business or grow the one that they already have. She’s truly an amazing teacher.

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