Kylie Dyer And Her Amazing Amazon Selling Success Story!

Hi everybody, my name’s Kylie Dyer and I am a full time seller on Amazon .com. About thre years ago I started selling on Amazon. I saw a lot of othher peopl making some really good money and the whole idea of developing your own private label brands and selling them on one of the world’s largest marketplace really appealed to me.

I’d already had a couple of products that I was selling of my own branded product on Amazon And I was doing olay, I was excited, I was making some sales each day But I wanted to be more than that. I wanted to be , I wanted to have the knowledge to really, really take this and build this business into something substantial and I wanted to be able to look at selling my Amazon business.

Iwas working full time in a consulting, marketing contracting position. I was working part time as a web designer, I ws a singlee mum, I had two boys. I never felt like I had time to see them, they were always wondering,”Why is Mummy working so hard?” I was really, really stressed out.

I saw an advert from Sophie Howard and Sophie was offering a Course which I decided to do. And to be completely honest, I have not looked back. It exploded, my brand has done really, really well.

My first brand. It’s just been amazing. I now have freedom, I now have money. I now have stability. So if you are thingking of taking a course and learning how to sell on Amazon, for a start it’s a brilliant opportunity and I would highly, highly recommended that you go through Sophie’s course, you will not regret it.

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