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Oh hello there my name is flora I’m an audiologist from Australia since becoming a mum to identical twins I’ve wanted to find something that would allow me to have passive income so I would have time for my family.

I actually signed up to do a real estate development course and receive an email about Sophie’s Amazon course and I’m glad I got that email working as a hearing specialist every day I get reminded daily where we all end up some people live in the pension and have no money while others retained their 50s and travel the world regularly.

I want to work towards different income streams and passive income right now so I have more time and energy for my family with the Real Estate you might need to invest $500,000 or more with Amazon you could start as little you can start with $2,000 create your brand sell your brand later on for $100,000 or like Sophie did sell it for a million dollars so it Emma’s own property that rewards can be similar but selling online you don’t have to invest as much cash in the beginning since doing so this course.

I’ve learned a lot about business suppliers how to pay suppliers and even how to create a barcode so Sophie’s course gives you a step-by-step guide and how to sell on Amazon thanks to so if f coded my own brand I love the fact that products can help my customers I like in the morning I wake up in the morning to check my Amazon seller up and I’ve seen that I’ve made money while I’ve been sleeping I love so this energy and honesty she tells you the good the bad and ugly about Amazon.

She recommends books and podcasts on mindset Amazon in the business world it seems too good to be true to make money while you’re sleeping so if his method does work my original university calls now cost sixty thousand dollars and I think so this course is a worthwhile investment the support from Sophie’s Friday morning sessions the amount of content which is always growing and constantly being updated support from other sellers and coaches on the Facebook page is priceless and definitely worth it.

Since many businesses fail you don’t want to do it on your own before doing the course it was too scared to tell online although I’ve been thinking about it for a decade and now I feel comfortable with asking that group questions and working towards my goal of passive income after signing up to save this course there was an added I added I made a lot of friends with similar goals and we help and motivate each other if you want passive income a group that cares about your business.

I highly recommend you do sofie’s blueSky amazon course and make money on amazon while you sleep hope to see owner Blue Sky Amazon.

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