How could you make money potentially selling thermos flasks online

Hi there, I’d like to share with you over the next 45 and a half seconds how you could make money potentially selling a product like these dinky little thermos flasks online. To someone else anymore, but you can start selling really simple everyday products on and it’s a really neat business model.

So firstly, you go online, you find a manufacturer who makes something like these thermos flasks. you buy them for a couple of dollars each. Then you go over to and create them as a listing where your product is for sale and you’d be selling it for maybe $20, so a nice, healthy profit margin and Amazon does all the rest of it from there.

They do all the shipping and the handling, they warehouse the products so you never need to touch the product or ship it, you never to deal with a customer, and then Amazon pays you every two weeks. So it’s a really neat model. You need to learn what kind of products to sell and you need to know how to best partner with Amazon to sell them.

If you want to find out more, I invite you to grab my new book where I show you how can get started selling on Amazon the right way. Or what sort of products I choose, how I work with Amazon, how to sell on their platform, and how to source your products online.

I’ll even show you examples of products that are doing amazing sales right now, and much more so grab your copy now, This book will be selling for around 29.95 on Amazon Kindle, but the special launch price right now means you can buy it for just a fraction of that.

So go ahead and grab your copy now!

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How you could make money potentially selling thermos flasks online


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